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Craft in any forge under leather. I used mesh from Cloaks of Skyrim to make my cape.

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Whether for work, play or serious occasions, there's a shirt for every event in our men's clothing section. Walmart offers a similar range of options for the bottom half of your wardrobe. Our selection of jeans includes a variety of different denim wash options and cuts to suit every guy. Carpenter, regular, bootcut, cargo, skinny and relaxed styles are all available in our jeans section.

If you're looking for other types of trousers, our men's pants section includes flat-front chinos, pleated dress pants, utility cargo and carpenter pants, sweats and comfort styles in a range of colors from light khaki to black. For warm-weather wear, we have a generous selection of shorts that includes relaxed fits for weekend wear or tailored styles that you can wear to work or a business casual event.

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Look for specific colors for suit accessories so you can match the right hues for weddings and other special events. Useful, comfortable clothing can make it a lot easier to get active. Whether you're playing basketball, going for a run, lifting weights at the gym, hiking or walking the dog, our men's activewear section has the shorts, pants, shirts, hoodies and jerseys you need to stay comfortable. You'll find sleeveless shirts and tank tops along with shorts for vigorous activity and warm weather in addition to long pants, long sleeves and fleece hoodies and jackets for chillier weather.

Select compression clothing for wear during your outdoor workouts, and look for separates made of moisture-wicking fabric to maintain comfort and coolness. Jackets, coats, vests and insulated bib pants can be essential components of a complete wardrobe when temperatures start to drop. Updated April 16, Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Twitter. Adult oriented Skyrim mods that replace or add new armor or clothes.

NiOverride High Heels Fixes. If something doesn't work right please let me know. This is a mashup outfit I made from various Oblivion pieces including: It comes with 3 color variant as seen in the screenshots. Why "Highschool Hunny" you ask? Just take a look at that! Transparent shirt, teddy bear, micro bikini Which one doesn't yell out "Highschool!!!

Wait, highschools aren't like that where you live? Semi Check Actually worn by real life highschool hunnies: Just use any mod manager to install the armor. Use this wonderful mod AddItemMenu: Deactivate in mod manager Or delete the following: Hepsy for the micro bikini. Tona for the teddy bear. Budroi for the 1stperson gloves meshes.

Kendo 2 for the body. Nightasy for the tutorials. Welp, I can now come back and fix my old conversions now. Please continue to message me if you find anything unsatisfying. I don't ignore them, I just don't have enough time to address them all. This armor mash up and my Rosa no less was inspired this screenshot seen here.

The bodyslide files included. The armor was made to be quite modular, so be bold and try out some combinations! See images for more. You can also type, minus the brackets help "Nocturna" in the console commands. I've taken pieces from other mods mostly permission free and modified them into one cohesive armor mod. As such for the sake of honest transparency, I ask that ALL credit be rendered to the following If you like what I've done here, why not post a screenie of your char in the outfits I've provided?

It'll mean more to me than some silly like button. Henceforth this combined armor is now know as the Ancient or "Elder Qilin Horn" armor. The bodyslide files also features a zap option to play with, so be bold and try it out!

You can also type, minus the brackets help "Elder Qilin" in the console commands. The download also includes new weapons to included with the set. This armor mash up and it's name was inspired this Japanese blogger seen here. The bodyslide files also features a few zap options to play with, so be bold and try 'em out! You can also type, minus the brackets help "Ero Selene" in the console commands. I have tried my best, but it's certainly not a perfect conversion. So, if you find anything wrong with it, please be patient and let me know so I can fix it as soon as possible.

Not Check Clipping-free guarantee: I recommend using 2. Speed Buster for the outfit. I wish you all a good day! Just contains new and old forgotten Blade and Soul Armor.

USE forge or barrel Option 1: It comes with 4 flavors: Now comes with transparent versions! I think semi-transparent were how these outfits supposed to look. I messed up But well, now you guys have the best of both worlds! This package contains the outfit, heels, and nails bunny ears not included. I recommend using 7. If there is anything wrong with the armor, feel free to inform me. I'm trying to get better at this craft.

Whatever armor or clothing you use now you'll keep going back to these. I promise you that. Everything works as it should with collision. The model Nessa was in a previous upload. I added another replacer same as the vamp thing, same mesh.

This time it looks like worn and stained denim outfit. Speed Buster Converted by: It comes with 8 variants: So, if there are flaws, please let me know. No weight slider support as of now. The "armors" all work at weight. Do you really need a third option? Speed Buster for the "armor". Mandu Huge Breasts By skyrimkillmod Mandu armor with huge breasts and butt 2 options, one with more breast bounce and one with less.

The Nameless Servant By laniko This adds an enchanted maid outfit, restraints, and ragged breeches for females that can be crafted at the tanning rack and the forge. The restraints don't lock because I don't know how to do that and I was too lazy to learn. You can also search "nameless", "devotion", or "breeches" in the console.

Remember to build your outfits in BodySlide. BodySlide data is included in the download. Use the mod manager of your choice. Here is a list of enchantments: These are console ids for some of the crafting ingredients for the hood and cape. It can be annoying to find the right one. These files are free to use, just credit me when you're done. Do not sell these files, or mods containing these files. XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended v2.

I used mesh from Cloaks of Skyrim to make my cape. Barbarian Explorer Busty By skyrimkillmod Barbarian explorer armor convert type help "barbarian" to get, or find at a river next to riverwood only two of the armors have been converted "barbariangirlmoon" and "barbariangirl" the body mesh has alot more verts and looks better. Open the archive and put all files in your data folder.

UNP is realised, but shoes and shoeswear are not including within. You can find a chest test with all armors, with invit command: Don't forget to open the text file in the archive file. Where are those shoes? Shoes cbbe boots high heels. BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio http: I still need feedback on how I'm doing because I'm really just getting into this.

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