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Whether you need compression bike shorts, a basic running tee, workout tanks or bra tops, there is something to be found for everyone in our fabulous selection of plus size run and bike gear. We’re dedicated to helping you find your perfect fit, style and size.

Most brands stop at a size There are a few solutions to this problem, one of which is a skin lubricant designed for athletes my recommendation is BodyGlide or a more heavy-duty solution such as Moleskin. I hope we get many many many women to quit waiting for the right time and get out there today! They go up to a size 2X, and the Happy Girl model is my favorite.

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Women's Nike Plus Size Dry Dri-Fit Running Tank Top Size 3X See more like this. NWT Nike Flex 5


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Join Our Facebook Community Login. Stepping off my soap box. Exercise raises your body temperature. Since the human body needs to maintain a Blood then circulates close to the surface of the skin, cools down, and returns. Gentlemen, you can skip to the next paragraph. Alright guys, you can rejoin the conversation now! Oh, this is a true hot-button issue for me. Please, please, please wear running clothes that FIT! I understand the desire to cover up your body in big, baggy clothes.

So buy some cute or manly clothes that fit. Really, your best bet is to order online. Here are some of my tried-and-true favorite online retailers: JunoActive is an online-only retailer that specializes in plus-sized activewear. Their quality is excellent, but their prices are high.

Shipping and returns are not usually free. Old Navy is great for tights with light compression, lightweight shirts, and jackets. Returns to actual stores are allowed and very easy. Another thing I love about Old Navy is their frequent merchandise turnover, which means new styles and colors appear frequently.

This also means that, if you fall in love with something, you need to stock up immediately, because it might not be around in 3 months. I love your post! I started running in January. I am currently training for a half marathon In October.

I have decided that I will never diet again as every failed attempt makes me feel worse about myself. I like to run because it makes me feel powerful. I have decided to love my body for what it can do and not to dwell on its so called flaws. I am a plus sized woman and have been all my life.

I have recently in the last 6months decided to exercise more and be more active overall. Not for weight loss but for my own sanity and well being. Run big girl, run! I know this is years old but I just discovered it while searching for plus sized running clothes.

I love love love this article and it describes me perfectly and unfortunately the reactions of others. I am just so happy that I am not the only fat, happy runner!! Hi, ran across this blog because I was searching for plus-size running gear for women. I too was telling myself I would wait to lose a few pounds first, but have been anxious to run because it feels better to me than walking. Today as I was out walking with a friend I saw a plus size woman running and felt encouraged.

This blog has really motivated me to start now, why wait. Hey I love this article…I am a heavy triathlete!

Like you I have finally let go of the notiton of losing weight! I am just going to enjoy my sport! I have tried many things over this last year to lose weight and oddly I have lost nothing. I give up on that. I am going to eat healthy and well, when I am hungry and stop when I am full and let my body take care of itself!

You are encouraging because I am a walker and have not been able to progress to the a runner. You may get me there. Thank you for this blog and all of the posts. I have been walking for 2 months now after being a couch potato.

I am so encouraged now to get running. I walked my 5k in June but I am ready to run! Did you run it? This time, with a training app on my phone, I feel much more confident I will succeed. I have already signed up for a 5k in the fall, because I need that motivation. I am not losing weight very fast — about 15 pounds lost. My biggest problem is that I am a pear. I am using some 3X Nike dri-fit capris that are comfy, but I feel the strain on my lower back. I have done 4 5Ks and my best time is just under 45 minutes.

I just wanted to say thank you for just telling me I can do it… Just like you have yes big woman do run… As I was taking my walk I just wanted to run just start somewhere. I am pounds and yes I do want to lose weight.. Thank you so much for been a wonderful example to me all and all other plus size woman who have a dream to run… May god bless you. Thanks so much for writing this. I am looking for new sneakers, running sneakers. I found a great sports bra I am a 38 H or J, depending on the type here: Timex GPS watch is fantastic and fits fine on my large wrists, with room to spare.

I still like those classes. They are really fun and a good work out. When I started, moving up from 60 second running intervals to 3 minute intervals made me so nervous. How can this be?! Last night I ran the longest I have ever have: Heartbreak has recently gutted me, and running is helping me come back to myself, to my power.

This community is important. We need each other. I need support to keep going out, in spite of the yelling, the jeers, the stares. I turn my music up real loud and only make eye contact with friendly people and cats. Thanks for writing this. First of all, anyone who gives you grief is a raging asshole. You are awesome and a complete badass for ignoring all the naysayers, yourself included! Second, while I was never fat, maybe slightly pudgy when I started, I can otherwise identify completely with your story.

I ran 30 minutes straight by the end of October. Good luck and keep up the excellent work. Please keep me posted on your progresss! I started running at lbs. It has liberated me! Hi, I loved your post and wanted to add that I think you need to just get out there and do it too. I used to run all the time in senior school and loved it but I piled on the weight as a grown up. I recently took up running again as a Although I agree with the HAES idea and absolutely back the idea that you need to do what works for you and what makes you feel good, I am running for weight loss and that is my biggest motivator.

Not to please other people but to please me. To enable me to walk into a shop and buy clothes that I like, not just clothes that will fit me. To do more fun other sports as well and be good at them. I love mountain biking but I would also love to have a go at a triathlon and also an adventure race.

I want to improve my health to be around to watch my son grow up. And maybe I should actually write about these thoughts on my own blog over at http: I just started running a few weeks ago. I just felt I needed to do something!! Pick up a pair with extra cushioning for shock absorption and comfort. It's easy to look good on a run or while running errands with running accessories from Athleta. Our collection is bursting with of-the-moment designs, colors, and patterns so you can stay fabulous no matter what the day may hold.

Shop running water bottles in bright, fun colors for a pop of personality that travels with you, or pick up a pair of patterned running socks to show a peek of style on your feet.

Our running shoes feature streamlined designs in trending colors like black, white, neon, and more. Shop running accessories for ladies from Athleta today to find stylish and useful items you'll love in and out of the gym.

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Log On to Gear Up. Even with so many great brands making fitness and running gear for plus-sized women, it can still be difficult to find them in stores, says Janet Hamilton, C.S.C.S., an exercise. of results for "plus size running gear" icyzone Yoga Tops Workouts Clothes Activewear Built in Bra Tank Tops for Women. by icyzone. $ - $ $ 22 $ 25 99 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Some sizes/colors are Prime eligible. out of 5 . JunoActive Plus Size Running Gear JunoActive adamantly believes all women deserve clothing that supports and enhances their activities throughout the day, running included! So from its inception, JunoActive has used high quality fabrics and design, which boost the feel and performance of our running .