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It started off with choices my wife wanted guacmole the young lady put a very small portion on her barreto bowl my wife asked if she could put a little more on and was told thats the portion we serve if she wanted anymore it would be two dollars more,then we get through the line and wanted to sit outside noticed the tables and chairs had food on them my wife called to a girl to try and get some help and the young lady guacamole her she called again and finely someone came and wiped down the table. The first time I thought it a fluke. There is a new Chipotle opening in Miami. How cancellations sparked a pilot revolt".

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Music was also so loud it was really hard to hear the line workers and hard for them to hear me. Not an enjoyable experience.

Just thought you would like to know. My wife and I enjoy your food but at this particular particular visit it was not a good experience. It started off with choices my wife wanted guacmole the young lady put a very small portion on her barreto bowl my wife asked if she could put a little more on and was told thats the portion we serve if she wanted anymore it would be two dollars more,then we get through the line and wanted to sit outside noticed the tables and chairs had food on them my wife called to a girl to try and get some help and the young lady guacamole her she called again and finely someone came and wiped down the table.

I wanted you to know this because i believe this sends the wrong message to your customers. This is the first time i could nor finish my lunch. To whom it may concern, I am writing in response to recent visit to a Chipotle restaurant in St. Cloud Minnesota, on Tuesaday August 19th at 1: I have never had worse customer service.

They had told me that I could only get have a corn tortilla for my 3 yr old nephew, but I knew it was very unlikely that he would eat that. I thought that this would be a very easy decision, they had been out of a product and should have accommodated to whatever a customer had needed. Meanwhile having been obviously training a new employee in, a young woman named Maddie was not giving very good customer service.

I do believe, after myself being in the restaurant customer service industry for 25 years, that she needs to work on her customer service skills! I will not likely be back to this Chipolte location, although I will continue to support Chipotle because I love it, thank you for doing what you do!

Thank You for your time, Cynthia. Your Glendale, Ca store located on Glendale Ave, was very dirty. The bathroom toiled was overflown, and the floors were dirty. Inside your eating area, there was trash all over the floors. There were no lids for cups as well as utencils. I had to wait 10 minutes to get a fork, and meanwhile, there were 6 employees working behind the counter. I took my food to sit outside, thinking it would be cleaner, and the smell of urine was all around the tables and trash bin.

The tables were rusty and dirty as well. The health department should be notified. I will never eat at this location again. I visited this Chipotle, and asked for a kids meal number 1 cheese quesadilla. I repeated myself not 1,2ce but 4 times to still get the wrong food.

Jennifer then came on the phone. I can see with the workers because she barely spoke english properly but Ms. I need assistance asap!

I ordered another item. I ordered a chicken bowl with steak as an addition. I would appreciate someone calling me or emailing me back in regards to this matter. Also if I of those managers had been on the line or supervising the line the would have notice the one of the people on the line had messed up a bowl and used a little plastic cup to take meat off the top of bowl and put it on another health code valiation.

This the second time this manager George had been rude and disrepectful, is this the type of managers Chipotle wants to represent them, if so you will never have to worry about me again. Also way he was getting smart and nasty with me half the line of customers walked out.

The worst Manager ever! My husband placed an online order and I stopped in to pick it up after work. No problem but once I got home my order was missing a few toppings ordered.

I called back to the restaurant which was a little over 10 mins from my house. I was put on hold twice finally the manager questions me about what time, my name, what was on the order JUST to tell me to bring my food back in so he could verify that it was wrong and then he could get me a complimentary new one. I told him goodnight and hung up. I work hard for all my dollars and pennies and to have him get upset and insult me after they have made a mistake was the worst form of customer service.

My daughter ordered white rice with chicken a chicken 3 pointer and added steak. I was charged for a chicken bowl 6. I feel since there was nothing added to the rice and chicken, it should have been a 3 pointer. They said since I added steak, which I paid for it was considered a chicken bowl.

I feel I was overcharged 1. This place has gone down hill since they opened. They also charge more and give you less meat. Ashley Bell was an excellent manager, her standards of expectations were old school for being as young as she is. The lady who fired her is ridiculous!

Would eat there everyday if I could. The problem is the hot spice either in the tomatoes or the chicken are way too hat for me. Can you please have a menu without hot spice. Other than that your food is perfect. The problem is the hot spice either in the tomatoes or the chicken are way too hot for me. I know the little ones have a problem with that also. I went today to Hempstead turnpike Uniondale , Ny. Horrible experience and never was able to discuss complaints with manager.

When corporate called a Doran women Customer Service Analyst called me back she was not sympathetic with my situation. I just wanted to informed that I went to this chipotle about 30 minutes ago and I order a quesadilla just like I did 2 days ago and sunday as well and everytimr I go they charge me different prices.

Im making a complain because they only thing I put in my quesadilla is chicken and cheese since they cant place anything else because they have to place it in the grilled.

Im pregnant and i just wanted my chicken and cheese quesadilla and the employees was making it really hard for me and end up charging for it as a burrito which I think is not fair. If I would of be a bad person I would of request for everything else that i will put in a burrito on the side since they are charging me for it. Chipotle is getting way to expensive, And they are getting way to skimpy with the toppings. Im starting a boycott page.

I Love Chipotle which i why i always use their online catering for our training events. I nevered complained before but today I had one of the worst expierences. I made an online order this morning and had to wait over half an hour after the origional pick-up time for my order to be ready.

The girl who was taking care of my order was only half done when I arrived at noon. She said it would only take 15 minutes more but it was twice as long.

I stood and waited for the rest of the order to be made when she came to me and asked if it was ok to give me the wrong order. She had mixed up my order with another one. I was so irritated at this point. I told her that the order was not for me and it needed to be made as it was ordered.

I held the box as she carelessly kept droping the food into it. She then went on to tell me i should call ahead next time if i want my order to come out on time. I asked her if she could help me out to my car with my large order and she said she was too busy! This Type of customer service makes me never want to use Chipotle again! My visit to the chipotle grill located in Evergreen Park Illinois was not very exciting. The service was terrible and on top of that i received the wrong order.

I was told to go all the way to the back of the line as i was waiting for 20 minutes already to get my order done over. I am not very pleased with the store and I will never be returning!!!!!!! I ordered a steak salad today and the meat was so tough and chewy it was difficult to eat and I had to spit it out. Last time for that. You need to upgrade your steak or not serve it.

I watched a guy on line, go behind the counter and help himself to food. His hands in your chips. This location just is poor service and now poor health conditions. We gave them very short notice but they were happy to help us out, the food was fantastic and delicious as always! We eat there all of the time. Very well kept restaurant with a great team! Your one my favorite places to eat. On top that, she was rude, and disrespectful. She is a heavier set Caucasian. Like I said, I never had an issue until I had her make my bowl.

Not a very good experience at all. I had a horrible MSG type reaction to their new sofrita. When I called the assistant manager, he told me I was probably just getting sick but I know that is not the case.

He said there are no additives and I should go to the website — so I did. There are sulfites in this new soy stuff and almost 24 hours later I am still not feeling well. I did send an email inquiry to the national customer service and they would not tell me what specifically they are using — just referred me to the website. I ordered lunch in advance from my office and when I went to pick it up it was taking much longer than one would expect to get their order.

They tried to reverse the charge, but it showed up in my bank account as a debit. Fortunately it did not overdraw my account! Now I have to make a special trip to my bank to deposit it. I do all my bannking online, not in person. I was very disappointed that the manager never even apologized for inconveniencing me — first by holding me up during my limited lunch break, secondly by having to return to the restaurant because they had charged my bank account and I needed a refund, and thirdly because now have to make a special trip to my bank to deposit the cash.

There was no compensation made for my many inconveniences! Today I went to pick up an online order my daughter placed the Gosford, Bakersfield location. I told her it was an online order, when she located it she said it would be a few minutes. Not the case, they continued to help the other customers in line first. Never did she or the manager apologize for the mix up or for having me have to wait.

What kind of Customer Service is this! Our office had a conflict with a different catering company that left us short of food. With 10 minutes to spare Chipotle was able to save the day. The Lynnwood, WA location was pleasant and eager to help. They prepared an impromptu catering trays for our office in less than 10 minutes.

The general manager as well as the rest of the staff jumped in to help given the fact that this was at noon in the heat of the lunch rush. Because of them we had happy full staff members.

We are very thankful for professionalism and speed! The sad part is this is the only chipolte that is near us. Will definatley spend more , but will rather drive to NJ to go to chipolte.. The menu never said it would be spicy. I threw up like 20 minutes later and had to really use the bathroom. The chips were stale and had TOO much salt. I would not recommend eating here at all. I am absolutely outraged that your employees refused to serve two NYPD officers in uniform.

To add to this insult they then gave the Mike Brown hands up sign to the officers. Lets keep in mind these are the same two officers that would be required to respond to and investigate a robbery at that location.

We used your company to cater our meetings. Trust me that will never happen again. I usually great service and the food is great. They had already put everything in my bowl and 3 minutes later the vegetables went on my bowl but by then the bowl cold and the vegetables were undercooked. They need to have a link to contact customer service not a review.

I asked for the coporate office number. All the workers and manager needs to be fired. I too am outraged that you did not terminate the employee s that refused to serve the NYPD officers in uniform. The message you are sending to other employees with a bad attitude is that you accept this bad behavior!

You need to send a more positive message to the public. The public is outraged with your lack of discipline at the time where you must send a message.

I will never eat at your dumps and will get the word out to police officers I know in the Milwaukee, WI to boycott your stores! First they should all be fired and that includes the manager. We give police what ever we can willingly. I will never eat at one of your store again if those employees keep their jobs. Thank you for your time.

Customer should not be rushed through choices and treated like the are in a herd, because there are a few people in line. I do the same type of work, and always try to find a way to make customers feel welcomed and appreciated.

I felt like the young lady may have been an assistant mgr or team leader. Ultimamente he tenido malas experiencias en sus tiendas, recientemente abrieron una nueva tienda en N pennsulvania okc la cual me queda a 3 min. Al llegar a mi casa y probarlo el arroz salado con mucho sabor a limon y el pollo salado y quemado. Por favor mejoren el servicio a mi me encanta chipotle pero desde el cambio de admon. El servicio ha sido muy pesimo tomen cartas Sobre el asunto.

I was at store A N, Barranca St. She was rather swift. I was next in line and she quickly apologized. She had a huge phone order. She called for help. Another young girl started packaging the phone order. The Asian girl started my order but, called for additional help since the order line grew. She asked the girl to finish my order but she got held up with an incomplete order. Another girl was called. She proceeded to replace all condiments instead of completing my order. Meanwhile my food is getting cold.

Got home with cold burritos. Microwave ruined the taste since it had sour cream. I waited in line for 15 minutes. When I got to front of line, I asked for a salad. The server told me that they were out of dressing and that it would be at least 10 minutes.

I think the corporate office should inform their restaurants that they should offer something to the customer if they have to wait. I already waited in line 15 minutes. I left without purchasing anything, which was to bad because I was looking forward to that salad all day.

Waterford Lakes Florida Chipotle is awesome! Service Manager Hunter Grice is always smiling and recognizes me as a regular and never fails to say HI and remember my name when I go there and she sees me.

The food is great and I have never had a bad experience at this store. No harm no foul! We ordered out at the Chipotle in Wayzata, MN. We faxed our order in with their fax order form. I called to complain and the manager said she could get us some coupons but we had to come and pick them up. That is inconvenient she then said they are not allowed to mail them. To me this is ridiculous!! Half of our order went to waste!! I typically like this location, the food and the service.

But today while not only was the service extreamly slow and sloppy I was one of the few people in line but as I drove on eating my chicken quesadea I noticed something funny wrapped around my tooth. It was a hair! I was highly disguested. And no it was not mine. I have long long dark Hair and this is was a shorter blonde hair. Very disappointed in my service and quality of food….

So tonight we got together with family! Decided we wanted to do chipotle for dinner…ordered online…unfortunately 5 out of 6 of our orders was horrible wrong!. Anyway just a note if u order online expect everything to be wrong!

The Chipotle in Marina Del Rey has average customer service. I know many people who get this regularly and how disappointed they are. Please bring Carnitas back! Dirty, Dirty, Dirty, sand from snow storms all over the place, no cutlery in the service station, food on the check out counter, employees touching food with no gloves, and a language barrier while ordering.

I thought it was a team effort???? And by the way, all three managers were on the same shift. What goes around comes around…. Dirty, Dirty, Dirty, sand from snow storms all over the place, no cutlery in the service station with food particles in the containers, food on the check out counter, employees touching food with no gloves, and on top of all of that a language barrier while ordering. And by the way, all three managers were on the same shift seemingly smoking in the back based upon the smell.

What goes around comes around….. Over the past couple months service has gotten significantly slower. Today I waited around 1. When I got up to the front of the line the team behind the counter just threw in a huge mound of salsa and a few other items I ordered and then totally skimped out on cheese and sour cream. I love chipotle and this location is the worse I has ever been to.

I have ordered 2 steak bowls and I must say that my wife and I were very disappointed with the quality of the meat which was mostly comprised of fat. We could not finish our meal which was eventually thrown into the trash. This is not the first time this has happened but against my better judgment I thought about giving it another try — only to be further disappointed. I will more than likely not visit Chipotle again.

I love Chipotle ever since they opened up on Cleveland Ohio, but some of their locations customer service is terrible and the food ins not at a I had a bad experience at Chipotle at Parmatown in ohio they got our order wrong and we had to wait until the line was down before order was fixed correctly. I went to your restaurant for the first time I think it will also be the last time.

It is located in Hanover , PA and fairly new. If I would have noticed when I ordered the Food how dirty this place was , I would have Walked out without ordering. Servers with Lip rings server that acted like he was on something The radio turned way up loud and played punk Rock. Employees standing behind Counter talking and not working except for one guy. But the dirty floor , seating area , tables was stomach turning. Hopefully you will look into this matter. The steak was gummy and the manager Wendy was very rude when I called never going there again , just ghetto, columbus ohio Their behavior was ghetto to say the least Carlo pinezo in training with GM Beulah?

MCMaster small Mexican lady who stared us down commenting loudly and making a general ass out of herself. Really this is not over yet you moron. I thought I was in east LA gang neighborhood where childhood ghetto intimidation rules , what a welcome at chipotle Longmont Colorado Mainstreet. Corporate, you need to intervene. This location is not representing Chipotle quality and service standards and expectations. The place was a mess, crumbs and food on the tables and floor.

The staff was very nice and helpful with our order. However, the cashier handling money grabbed my husbands cup for his drink with thumb on the outside and four fingers on the inside and with the sweetest smile, handed it to my husband. The service is great.

If you order takeout, you must have Naakira Wilson, takeout specialist process your order. She is friendly, professional and bends over backwards to assist in making sure your are happy with your order. I order at least 1 to 2 times a week and she has everything I ask for in the bag ready for me. She has it ready for me. Is it a misnomer to call a restaurant after a food item that is not even offered on the menu anywhere? For it to not even be offered anywhere on the menu is an absolute enigma.

I ordere the chicken bowl and chips and guacamole. When I got to my room I was surprised to find no chips m guac! This is the second time in a month that I have paid for items and not received them! I was very upset! Called Chipotle spoke to the manager who I felt could have cared less.

He said I was to return to the store and he would reimbursed for my troubles, I explained that it was getting dark and it was a twenty minute walk, would he send me my refund in the mail?

I explained to him this is a recurring problem with this particular establishment, but I would go in the morning. He said he would have it set up with the mgr. When I arrived and spoke with Bruno the mgr. He said I will not be refunded any money! He said I could have a complimentary bowl, chips n guac n he would give me a coupon. The coupon is good only for that particular Chipotle! I would like for Mr.

Chipotle to know what goes on at his restaurants. I would also like my money back for the two times of getting ripped off, and some complimentary cards that I can use at the Chipotle in Alpharetta, Georgia The Rosemont Il. Location on Manheim Rd. Thank You for your time. I visit my local Chipotle in Lakeland, Fl times a week.

Sometimes in the evening they are out of dressing and refuse to make more. I counted an additional 48 customers served after I received my meal. I went to the Chipotle in Berwyn, IL after work for two burrito bowls. It was the absolute worse customer service experience that I have ever had at a Chipotle. They really need to retrain there staff to be more professional and attentive to their customers.

Thank you for supporting non GMO! If I ever eat fasfood, yours will be the place! Way to go to stick with common sense values and putting your customers before pressured profits! May others follow your lead! I purchased 3 beef tacos in Jacksonville at River City Marketplace…. They were nothing but grizzle all three …It was disgusting and I threw them away….

I had to go to McDonalds to eat something decent!! Thank you so much for going non gmo. We love your food we love what you stand for.

And we all will continue to support this fabulous restaurant! Today was the worst experience I have had at chipotle. Got the chicken burrito and the chicken was burnt to the point it made the burrito taste horrible. Would have taken it back but was on my lunch break. You are single-handedly starting a revolution and setting a great example for others to become more aware and take the same and even more steps than this.

Unbelievable rudeness from management and employees at the restaurant Located on eastern and at St rose in Henderson NV. Their restaurant is filled with Bitter customers who yells at other customers Nd employees find it Entertaining and do not do something about it. Managers threatens any customers who complains about the food And refuses to correct any of their mistakes.

Their chicken or steak is not well cooked as when they Serve it , it is still cold. This is a NaZi chipotle restaurant. Do not go here. Went into Kent WA location. After the food was finally prepared had to wait for nearly 5 minutes as the staff 4 in all tried to figure out how to ring out the person ahead of me. This location needs training of staff.

I was disappointed and felt ripped off because you boston location was not providing lettuce, sour cream, or cheese. I judged to alert you so you could prevent this from happening again and so you could deal with this problem. Brian Molina and the entire staff have helped our school tremendously with a couple of events this year: They are always willing to help and super friendly.

Brian, in particular, is amazing! He is always reliable and friendly. He and the entire staff always go above and beyond. Thank you from everyone at Plymouth Creek Elementary!!!

I love Chipotle and buy from the restaurants all the time, but yesterday I was very disappointed. Chipotle advertisement said, that if you were a teacher, and on May 5th, you would receive buy one get one free.

I have been going to Chipotle for years. Today I was asked for ID to buy a beer with my meal. Now I understand why one would ask for ID. But when it is obvious that one is over 21….

I took a friend with me, who had never eaten at a Chipotle, so I could show her what a great restaurant you have. I was disappointed that while we lined up to choose our food we were the only 2two people in line the girls behinds the counter were acting out and totally unprofessional.

We did get our food and then I was disgusted that there was not a clean table in the place. Someone did finally come out to wipe tables and I overheard another customer complaining about the dirty tables.

I assume this must be the busiest lunch and dinner periods. The customer suggested then that the employee talk to the manager about this and the employee stated that she was the manager.

All in all not a good visit. Embarrassed that I took a friend with me. Before I begin, I would like to say that my goal here is to be informative; not to make a complaint. I worked at the Chipotle on Pentagon for a year..

I know how the store is ran, I know what is expected of the team. I am an employee of the Kettering Health Network and I travel from site to site. My service there is always beyond superb. The employees are always interactive with my son and when I order online my food is ready and still hot. I absolutely dread going into the store. The employees are not customer friendly, my food is never ready, and they never follow my instructions. Last week my chips were not cooked correctly, they were soggy and stuck together.

Today is the third time this has occurred. The employees act like it might cause them physical pain to actually speak or make eye contact with a customer. I choose Chipotle for the ingredients and because I respect the mission as a restaurant. However, I will absolutely not be returning to the Xenia store. I hope that somebody is willing to look into this and improve this location. I sent my wife to chipolte to pickup me a grilled chicken salad bowl today from the Oakland- lakeshore location.

I always have this salad but today was the first that I received shredded lettuce and not whole pieces of lettuce. Clean your restaurant in Barstow near the outlet mall, so gross inside and out, walk down the street to look at in and out so you can see how a restaurant should be cleaned and run!!!!!!!!! I faxed an order for the first time for my office. They got the order together and I left.

Should of checked because the salad dressings were not in there for the dressings. Called back and got a sorry come back for your container. Fifteen minutes there and fifteen minuts back so thrity minutes to get dressing.

So irritated should of gone to Qdoba across the street. I arrived at the north quincy ma. I stopped at the Sandusky Ohio Chipolte today — to take a vegetarian fajita bowl home for dinner.

I even asked for a bit more guac.. Even a tiny amount of cheese. My bowl was half full. How do you determine portions? It seems every Chipolte is different.

The Sandusky store is terribly lacking. It is NOT the first time I have encountered this. Maybe fewer employees standing around — and better customer service. It was a VERY disappointing experience! Okay, where to begin? I have a large family of 7 that order Chipotle about every other night. Last few times service was awful! Wait at least an extra minutes.

Also our last two orders were not good. The one order was loaded with way way way to much salt. Our second order tonight was burnt. Chicken, green peppers and onions were so burnt that we could not eat our food. We called and spoke with a manager and was told it was suppose to be that way because they changed how they do tings with the food. We will not be eating there ever again! Use to love their food until they got greedy. Not quality, but quanity is what they are all bout now.

Hope they go under and out of business. I went to Chipotle today, frist of all i love this place, the foo is great. I had to be at work, so i could not go back and get my order right. Next time i know to check my food before i leave, because i will be back. I went to the crystal lake IL location and waited in line about 30 minutes for my burrito….

Never going to chipotle again. I posted the picture on my Facebook so all my friends can see how grotesque that is…. I go to Chipotle in Lynchburg va. Most recently the service was very slow with a relatively short line.

When I finally reached the employee to order he asked that I wait a few minutes while he filled an online order. I responded by saying I had already waited a long time. All employees turned to look at me as if I was being far more out spoken than I was. He chatted briefly with coworkers and returned to complete my order in an exaggerated nice manner. Finally ready to pay and there was no cashier. I am in my fifties and felt as if these workers had no respect for anyone other than their peers.

The second worker appeared to be putting me in my place in a passive aggressive manner. This is the first complaint of any kind I have ever posted. Asked for brown rice for two bowl orders, only enough brown rice to cover one bowl. There was barely two table spoons left in the serving container. So I had no choice but to order white rice instead, which is not as healthy as the brown. Wow, thanks a lot….. Stale Chips — other locations…making too many chips in advance with poor cycling of the product leads to stale chips, which I have received several times at Cincinnati locations.

I went to the Chipotle in Lenexa Kansas. I was very upset at the discrepancy in the portions of meat I got compared to the employee in from of me and the 2 African American people behind me, when I questioned them about the serving size the manager Michael asked why I was upset.

I had to ask for the manager name and number. Mind you my daughter is a heart patient and she only eats the 4 scoops of steak with 2 sides of sour cream I pay as much as 2 burritos or bowls so in all reality she are saving on YOUR food cost because she eats just the meat, no beans, rice, cheese, lettuce or sauce. She does this 3 to 4 times a week and pays I asked Michael why they serve different scoops, some half full, some full then they shake it out as well as the sour cream he only filled the cups half full he then stated do you want it or not.

When I informed to him that I would call and complain he laughed and snickered and made the comment go ahead. I do not appreciate the audacity of your managers in how they handle complaints and I feel if I would have been of a different color that this would have not happened, Reverse Discrimination!!!!!!!!!!! This evening was our 2nd time eating in your restaurant in a few years.

The first experience was not pleasant so it took years to return. Our experience there this evening was once again very disappointing! Not a very pleasant experience. First I would like to say, that I enjoy Chipoltle and have eaten at various locations. I was appalled at the condition of the restaurant, it was filthy.. I could not take a step without stepping on the food that was all over the floor and the tables were filthy, I had to go and get napkins to wipe the table and chairs.

I observed an employee go outside and retrieve a garbage can which she rolled back into the kitchen about 5 minutes later she rolled it back outside, she then rolled a garbage can from inside the restaurant back into the kitchen and again after about 5 minutes rolled it back out. In the approximately 45 minutes we were there, not one table was cleaned and the obviously disgusting floor was never even attempted to be swept. When we initially arrived there were a few customers, but shortly after it was quiet.

There were ample employees, but not once did any of them make any attempt to clean anything. I told my daughter that I would never come back to this location and was concerned that if this is how they keep the dining area, I cannot imagine how the kitchen must be. I hope Chipoltle is not lowering its standards. I have always thought of them as clean and healthy and was truly appalled by the condition of this restaurant. The new colma location has inconsistent service. The pricing is always different.

Check your recipets, they got these young kids pressing all these butting and overcharging at your expense. Sherry was her name, seems as if Katherine Esquivel was not aware of the coupon. Need to be better on the ball!! In all my years I have never seen such an ill kept food service location. The first time I thought it a fluke. Went back with wife on the way to an event. Counters dirty, tables dirty. I am sure local food inspectors would find it non-compliant.

They list places in local newspaper. I am tempted to notify them to inspect. I ordered the first girl put the rice, beans and chicken in the 2 bowls. I get to the cashier and this nasty black girl is now laughing at me in front of my 10 year old son. Heres the thing I will never be treated like crap again from some trashy employee. I will write the worst reviews for this place.

No one with all that fake hair should be working with food either. There are a ton of people that need jobs and to hire people like that would treat a customer like that with their son there… pure trash. Oh and the customer 2 people behind me said to my son and I how ignorant she as for noooo reason!!

I felt it necessary to send you a compliment on one of your locations here in the Phoenix area. We enjoy not only the food but also the interaction with the employees at all of your locations, but one in particular needs to be commended for great customer service going over and above.

My son and I joke alot with different ones we come accross and on this particular occassion, we had made mention to the cashier as we were checking out about what they do for peoples birthdays as today was my sons.

The cashier which had a bubbly personality to begin with said great in a positive way and said she was going to get one of the managers that was also on duty to help out to do something. I had told her to do whatever and was allowed to embarrass him as he loves it and of course he was standing right there. So we had been seated and was eating, when the whole crew came from behind the counter and sung Happy Birthday to him and also presented him with some coupons for a future visit.

The person responsible for arranging this surprise was the one that rung us up and also compted his burrito I learned is the manager by the name of Jacqueline and the other one also a manager by the name of Vannessa. These two as well as the workers need to be commended for great customer service for going over and above.

Had they not done anything we still would and will go back to this location for the warmth we feel with the great customer service. The location is at Thunderbird Glendale, AZ. I had a special request and she said no whereas another manager was able to honor my request in the same location who was a very nice male manager.

I would like to talk to someone so please contact me to talk. I would like to go to this location in the future and continue giving you my business.

Just went to one of your chipotle branch to get a steak bowl to go. By the way, when I mention this to the cashier, he said that each ingredient consists in 4 oz!!!

If I do simple math…. I am extremely upset about my experience at Chipotle today. On my lunch break I ordered the chicken bowl and took it to work because I had a meeting to attend. I was very disturbed by this and stopped eating the rest of my food. I repeated several times that it was clear and it indeed was a piece of glass. He just told me to bring it back and we can make you another or I could get my money back. This is a serious situation. I could have brought something for my child, I could have swallowed the glass, I am extremely distraught over this situation.

I returned to the store to make sure that he saw what I bit into and I did keep it for further investigation if needed later. I am disappointed because I really enjoyed the food and have spent a lot of money since it has opened at this location at the mall. I have even waited in the long lines just to get my food. I would like for someone to contact me about this situation. I also do not like that this is the way I have to contact someone to get a response from customer service.

I was told that if I played the friend or faux game that I would receive a BOGO coupon to my phone and to this point I am yet to receive anything. The store was out of guacamole to have with my meal and with chips.

Thanks for your concern, Ms Miller. I waited in line for 22 mins just as soon as i could order they placed a call in order ahead of me. And told me to wait as it was more imoprtant that my order. I then asked for the manager, he told me that i had to wait as the call in order came before Myself and the other 10 people in line. The store on South Carrier in Grand prairie Texas.

You do know that there is not a shortage of places to eat in Texas? I left your store and ate my dinner at another place. I had a coupon for buy one get one free. It was txted to me after playing a game online. It expired a few weeks after the txt came. Is there anyway to play the game again or get an other txted coupon w a later exp date?

I usually order from Munster,In location our office is actually closer to the Homewood location. Very disappointed in this location ordered three salads when person picked up the order they were informed that they were out of fajita vegetable for our salads. Only positive aspect is that I own a fast food restaurant in that area I hope we pick up some of your dissatisfied customers. I am informing you of our experience as a professional courtesy.

Good Day, I would like to start by saying that I really do enjoy and Chipotle is one of my favorite places to eat at. However, I had a bad experience on my last visit that I would like to share with you.

On my last visit on August 26th, I ordered the tacos. When I sat down to eat my 2nd taco, I discovered something very hard hit my teeth, so I took it out of my mouth and discovered it was a bone. As I was eating at the restaurant, I immediately took the bone to the cashier, showed her the bone and told her what just happened.

She took the bone and said she will get the manager for me and some Mohammad came after few minutes. He just said sorry and told me that he will inform the vendors and then just stood there with this weird look on his face as if I am trying to get something free by showing the bone.

I was in total shock as he did not even offer to replace my food which I had not finished eating yet. Even though I work at the airport, we do not get any discount at Chipotle, so I do not know why he was treating me partially as I do not count as a Chipotle customer!!!

I had paid the full purchase price for my food. I just threw away the rest of my food and left as I was getting late to go back to work as this was during my dinner break.

I have the receipt, so I will provide you with some information. The host who rang me up, her name is Alexis, who was nice and got me the manager. The date of incident is August, 26th, 6: Thank you for kindly listening to my complaint. My entire family loves the food there but unfortunately we are not served as per our requirements inspite of paying the money. The servers think that they are doing is a favor by giving us food.

Once my daughter went to Chipotle at 9. U in Bloomington and she was denied her food saying that just for one person we will not cut jalapeños! Once j ordered a burrito bowl and later a quesadilla, some weird server told me that I should always prefer the quesifilla prior to the bowl! The guacamole served at the I. U is a size of a teaspoon and if we ask for more they are rude and refuse you. Chipotle supervisors need to train their servers to be polite and respectful.

Teach them to bold customer relations rather than disappointing them. Chipotle you are losing customers everyday! This should go viral and on social media.. The portions of meat vary a lot. Now i have to ask for more meat every other time i go. Some portions are the size one could grab with 3 fingers. I know there is a double meat option but the single portion seem to be getting smaller and smaller.

On out trip today, they told us they had no hard taco shells and that we would need to wait minutes for them to be prepared. Please note, this was after a 15 minute wait until we were even able to order. I ordered a salad. I was told that the salad dressing was with the cashier. I would not have ordered a salad if I had known that there was not any salad dressing. I ordered a beer-they were out of almost every beer. We then went to get utensils -we got the last forks.

The folks after us were upset that there were no utensils. It was a disappointing experience and we do not intend to go back. Hopefully something can be done to address the service levels at this restaurant as well as their ability to stock the kitchen. I did not place my order as I normally do online. Passaic, New Jersey - Tiger. Develop and establish relationships with our customers What is the interview process? How would you describe the pace of work at LifeStation Inc.?

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